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Bring a biz mindset & set the foundations of your business's social media accounts in The Art of Social. Jacqueline is a Social Media Strategist who helps you streamline your social media efforts through visual story-telling, balanced routines & cultivated social media strategies. This course will bring you confidence to manage your accounts, clarity with defining your brand messaging & content creation, and time-saving tips.

  • Self-paced

  • Audio option available

  • 14+ industry professionals to learn from

  • JMK Media’s SM foundational approach & strategies compiled into 30+ crafted lessons

  • Lifetime access

  • Lessons will be added overtime & all lessons will be kept up to date with new social media news


Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to The Art of Social - Intro Video

    2. Module One Getting Started: Intro

    3. Lingo

    4. Understand Your Audience + Building Your Community + Market Research + Analyzing Your Demographic

    5. Show Up With Confidence & Gain Visibility with Claire, The Image Consultant

    6. Know Your Platforms Intro

    7. Know Your Platform: Instagram

    8. UPDATE! Instagram # Clarification

    9. Know Your Platform: TikTok

    10. Know Your Platform: Pinterest

    11. Know Your Platform: Facebook with Believe in Blank Marketing

    12. Know Your Platform: LinkedIn with Britta June & Co

    1. Intro: Daily Functions & Analytics

    2. Content Analytics

    3. Know When To Post

    4. Social Media Engagement

    5. Social Media As Customer Service

    6. Daily Habits To Implement & JMK Media's Best Practices

    7. Update! Instagram Story Auto Captions

    8. How To Run Basic Ads with Design by Tellie

    1. Intro: Branding For Social Media

    2. 4-Steps To Boost Brand Clarity with The Golden Brand

    3. Graphic Design for Social Media with Julia Radke Design

    4. Marketing For & Beyond Social Media with Caffeine With Kelly

    5. The Importance of Having a Website + Basic SEO Tips with Reverie Inspired Co

    1. Intro: Content

    2. Types Of Content To Post + Content Pillar Creation

    3. Photography For Social Media with Brianna Moore

    4. Content Calendar Introduction with VASAV Digital

    5. Hashtag Intentional

    6. Compelling Copywriting for Social Media with The Written World

    7. Scheduling Content

    8. Story Content

    9. Facebook & Instagram Live

    10. Instagram Guides

    11. IGTV & Reels

    1. Intro: Creating Community on Social Media

    2. Utilizing Your Close Friends List

    3. Building A Collective Group

    4. Growing with Collaborations with Social Babes Co

    1. Intro Bringing in The Cashflow

    2. How To Set Up Your Facebook & Instagram Shop

    3. Selling On & Beyond Social Media with Saucy Consulting

    4. How to Boost Online Sales with Marketing Psychology with Virtual Gold Dust

    5. Brand Sponsorships with Cameron Owen PR

    6. Where It All Clicks

About this course

  • $1,200.00
  • 92 lessons
  • 12.5 hours of video content